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A new website for a new year

Okay, 2017 is already on its 4th, almost 5th month. But hey, there's still a lot to happen this year so it's still "new year" to me. And things are finally starting to roll!

So, this is my new website. I'm now using the one-page layout so things should be pretty organized, direct and easy to find. The main thing to me though is that it's now prettier - at least in my opinion. It's minimal, yes, but there's something sexy about minimalist design.

Anyway, the main difference from the old site is the "Recent Works" part. I decided it was time to show people quickly some of the projects I worked in the past. It's a good way for game developers and filmmakers to know that other people trusted my work and things went fine!

The other big new thing on the website is this Blog thing; I missed blogging, so from time to time there will be a post here. I'll explain some of my processes on certain soundtracks, I'll show methods of doing some stuff and whatever comes to mind that I think will be cool to share.

That's it for today. Hope you enjoy my work!

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