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Presenting: Abra Licensing

This year is being the most exciting for me so far! Having started with the release of Roots of Insanity, the first horror game I scored with more than an hour of dissonance, screams and scraping pianos (more of that on a later post!), I'm now working exhaustively on some exciting new projects and I can't wait to write about them. For now though, I'm here for another reason, and a rather good one.

My new Royalty-free music library is online NOW! You can buy some of my music for a modest, entry-level price for your videogame, youtube channel, short film or anything else that needs some sounds.

And to celebrate that, the whole library is 50% off during the whole month of May! I'm calling it the "May the music be with you!" because I enjoy dull puns and obvious jokes.

To get the discount, you just need to use the code MUSICMAY on your final purchase.

All of the tracks are non-exclusive, but if you enjoy one of those so much that you want to keep it to you, please contact me so that we can discuss a fair price for you to have it exclusively for your productions.

New tracks will be uploaded over the time and loop versions of all the tracks will be uploaded soon to help my #gamedev friends.

Hope you all find the music you're looking for. And remember - if you want a custom score for your project, you just need to get in touch!

Thanks for reading!

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