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-Music and Sound effects -


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The new entry of the PAYDAY franchise, one of the most popular co-op shooters, brings some heavy hitting music in a new setting

What I did

Music composition

Dynamic Implementation via Wwise

Conception of the sonic identity








Original music for your project: Composition, arrangment, production, recording - it's all here! 

It's well known that music can drastically change the final result of a product. From composing to mastering, Abra Sounds handles it all. We are here to assure you set the right mood to your project!


Production, recording and editing: the right sound design for your project!

There's no such thing as evocative as sound. Is the character of your game lost in the jungle? Then I'm sure it will step on some fallen branches, the wind will blow and make the leaves swish and the birds will sing. It will all  be in the sound.



Hello there!


Gustavo Coutinho speaking, the man behind Abra Sounds. Pleased to meet you! I'm a composer and sound designer. My tracks have been heard on places such as VH1 and ITV, on games like "Reaching for Petals", "Roots of Insanity" and "Space Conquest", series like "Human Resources" and "Judge Rinder" and many other multimedia works.

Soundtracks have been a love of mine since I started watching films, playing games and realizing that there WAS a music playing on the background. Of course it wouldn't take long for me to start diving deep in this world, messing around with everything that could produce sound in any way. I know the impacts and effects the right sound has on any project and that's what I love most about audio - its power to set a mood, to evoke a certain feeling, to invite the player to a brand new world. Since I've started creating music and sound designing, I've managed to improve and master the ability to print into notes what the screen and story needs. 

Creating music in various styles and in different ways, I can make the tracks that better fits your project! At the end of the day, I just want to put together someone else's art with mine and make something special and unique!

Listen to my work here.

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us!


Hope we can work together!     


Photo By: Gabriela Trombeta


Have a great project in mind and need some audio help? No matter your budget, contact us. We are open for high-reaching and dedicated development teams, filmmakers and artists! Just fill the form below or send us an email to

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